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The Story Behind 17 Wood Ibis in Sea Pines

13 May 2016
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The Story Behind the Home

"My husband and I have been married 40 years and 25 of those years we talked about owning a "beach home."  On every vacation to Amelia Island, the Jersey Shore, Kiawah Island and Hilton Head, we looked for that "perfect" home.  We knew that Hilton Head was our favorite destination over all those that I mentioned.

The timing wasn't right, to own a beach house, so in lieu of owning a property, we purchased a Time Share at the Grand Ocean and owned it for 5 years.  Our children were getting bigger and they wanted to bring more friends, and we out-grew the Grand Ocean property. Several of our Atlanta friends owned in Sea Pines and we knew if they liked it we would.  We sold the time share to a neighbor of ours in Atlanta and found our "perfect" beach home, while riding our bikes, in Sea Pines.   There were several stipulations - that the house had to have.  It had to  be closely located to the beach where I could hear the waves and see it and it had to be new construction. 17 Wood Ibis was partially up, when we viewed it, and we really liked the builder, Greg Reiley and his construction and his honesty.  I knew God offered us this opportunity to own this house, as everything fell into place.  Also, on the day we signed the ownership papers, our son and daughter-in-law were getting married that same day and we knew that this was the start of something really "great."  Since that time, we have shared our home with so many family members and friends over the years, and have blessed others with building the fond memories, we continue to have. 

We have a memory guest book that we put in the home for our guests to write in,  about their stay , and the most touching and heartfelt one was from my Mother who passed away at 87, in February of this year.  She called it our "Shangri-la and that our home and the experience of staying there, gave her, much  peace and allowed her  to appreciate the beauty, of God's creation- the ocean.  She also mentioned that it was paradise to her.  I pray that those that have stayed there and those that will in the future will be blessed with the same wonderful, heartfelt feelings, that continue to live on, when you are a guest in our home."

-The Trainor Family, 17 Wood Ibis

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