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The following comments about Destination Vacation are from Owners who have homes on our rental program and Guests who have booked with us.


Jon L. – 1844 Beachside Tennis, Sea Pines

I have been an owner at Beachside Tennis Villas since 1991. The current owner of Destination Vacation has been in the business for that entire time, starting when it was a locally owned company called Worthy Rentals. It now again is a locally owned company that understands the renters, the owners, the rental market, and the maintenance services and advertising to make ownership successful. I have been completely satisfied with their service over the years. Everyone on the staff is friendly and responsive to the owner needs, as well as the renter needs. They all understand the business and what it takes to be successful. I can positively recommend the company to anyone looking to rent out their home or villa, full or part time.

Lorraine G. – 16 Canvasback, Sea Pines

Destination Vacation and its people are wonderful. We could not imagine having a more positive experience than we've had in all of our dealings with them, which are significant. They are helpful, kind, informed, generous of heart, intelligent and caring. Their service is superlative and yet they strive to continually improve. Wonderful all the way around.

Kathleen B. – "Ocean's Gem" - Palmetto Dunes

If there were a rating above excellent, Destination Vacation would have it - they are Superior. They know their business, they understand customer relationships, they have the contacts and the reach to get done what needs to get done. More importantly, they have that 'can do' attitude that gives you the confidence that things will not only get done on time, but get done right. Whether you are an owner or a customer you will not find a better agency on or off the island. They have 24/7 coverage - and it's not just some answering service - it's a Destination Vacation employee. I've never had them ask me to handle something because they were too busy (and my other agency has done exactly that - and no, they won't be my other agency for long). They do what's right for the customer, and for the owner. They understand the dynamics of their market, the market pricing, and the myriad rental issues that can come up and extremely work hard to give people a great Hilton Head Experience. They act as concierge to their guests, provide an unflagging source of information and again - fantastic attitude...attitude will make or break a company and these guys have it made. You will not find a better rental agency that Destination Vacation.


Terri M. - Clifton, VA

We can not thank you enough for how kind you have been to us. Destination Vacation has something special going on and it starts with the people.

Anthony L. - Smyrna, GA

Service was outstanding and provided us with total agreement to continue using Destination Vacation for our Hilton Head / Sea Pines family vacations...It is a pleasure to do business with a Top-Flight Organization where everyone appears to be empowered to make a decision.

Susan W. - Amherst, OH

We loved working with Destination Vacation to reserve our Hilton Head condo rental! We've been going to Hilton Head Island for almost 20 years and this was by far the best company we have ever worked with. Thank you! We had a great time!

Elbert R. - Lilburn, GA

I have lost count of how many times we have used Destination Vacation and they have NEVER disappointed.  All accommodations have exceeded expectations and their service is always the very best. We would never come to Hilton Head without using Destination Vacation!

Muriel B. - Ontario, Canada

I cannot emphasize enough the excellent service which Destination Vacation provides. We generally deal with Gail, but any of the other staff members are equally knowledgeable and helpful.. Booking with this company is easy and efficient: any questions or concerns during our stay have been immediately answered or addressed. We had a problem on arrival late on a Saturday evening (a small bird flew into the house!), and without hesitation and despite the late hour, two staff members came out to help resolve the problem.. The house we rented was just beautiful with every amenity one could possibly want and then some, and it seems all their properties are equally unique. We have already booked for next year, and cannot wait to return to Hilton Head Island. Thank you again for allowing us to be your guests.