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If you own a luxury vacation rental in Hilton Head, you already know how challenging it can be to market your property to the right guests, ensure a positive guest experience and have someone care for your home as their own in your absence.  As industry leaders in luxury rentals, we understand the value of your investment and the challenges you face as an absentee owner. Partnering with Destination Vacation is the most effective way to maximize the return on your valued investment and now is the perfect time to discover the difference that sets us apart from our competitors.

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Destination Vacation was founded with a purpose of challenging the status quo established by the larger vacation rental companies.  We believe in building relationships with owners and guests.  We believe in being proactive with property inspections and guest needs.  We believe in being available to our guests from the start of the booking process through departure and making sure each property is appropriately inspected and prepared for each arrival.  By using our beliefs as our guide, we have raised the bar in customer service while providing the highest quality Hilton Head vacation rentals in the area.

It all starts with our team of local property managers who consistently offer the highest level of service. In turn, we take care of our team members by providing a positive work environment with compensation and incentives that inspire great attitudes, hard work and low turn-over.  Our early business goals were to serve a specific niche of quality ocean-oriented vacation rentals and maintain a limited number of inventory. By being selective, we only offer the best of the best in vacation rentals, which is expected from our elite clientele. We are proud of the fact that we book 65% of our reservations to repeat guests and retain 99% of our homeowners on an annual basis.

If you have an amazing home or villa in Sea Pines, Palmetto Dunes or Forest Beach, we would love the opportunity to speak with you about your goals, our Property Management services and if your property might be a fit with our inventory. Please review our Q&A of Owner Services below and contact us to discuss the ways we can help you make a smooth transition to Destination Vacation!

How often will Destination Vacation inspect my home?

Destination Vacation team members inspect vacation rental homes following every departing guest, prior to every arriving guest and every two weeks of vacancy in the off-season. 

Inspections during peak seasons help maintain the high standards expected by our guests, and regular inspections in the off-season are important to ensure a safe and secure home during periods of vacancy.

How does Destination Vacation manage maintenance issues?

Destination Vacation won’t nickel and dime you.  Owners receive the actual invoices for housekeeping and maintenance services, and in the event of a minor incident (dead lightbulbs, batteries, propane tanks, etc.), we send a team member to make the necessary repair at no cost to you. 

For significant issues, we contact owners for approval and rely on our relationships with local handymen and licensed vendors for immediate service.  We understand the importance of using reputable vendors, so we put a lot of trust and value in the 20+ year relationships we have with these professionals.

What about guest emergencies in the middle of the night?

Guests should call 911 for all medical or house emergencies.  For all other incidents, Destination Vacation offers a 24 hour/7 days a week After Hours phone number to guests.  At any point throughout the night, a Destination Vacation team member is on call and available for service with the After Hours phone.

How are rates determined for my home?

Destination Vacation conducts a thorough comparative market analysis when determining the rate for a home.  We study homes similar in size, condition, amenities and location and determine an appropriate Summer rate, then adjust accordingly for Fall, Winter and Spring seasons.  Down the road, if we realize the price is too low or too high for the market, we will consult you with revised recommendations.

Can I book my own rentals or use the home for personal use?

Yes.  Owners can call our office, email or login to the owner’s section of our website to book personal dates for themselves and family members.  Owners can also book guests in their homes or refer guests to us.  Our commission is reduced on owner rentals and waived entirely on personal dates for owners and family members.

When will I receive rental income?

A detailed income statement will be provided by the 2nd day of each month via mail, email and available online.  The statement includes all transactions through the last day of the previous month, and income can be direct deposited into your account.  Rental deposits are held in an escrow account until dispersed.

Can owners review rental activity online?

Yes.  We offer a homeowner website that provides access to income statements, confirmed reservations and work orders.

What percentage of owners renew year after year with Destination Vacation?

Destination Vacation is proud to have a retention rate of over 99% per year with owners who keep their properties on the rental market.

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