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Beware of Scams

11 Apr 2018
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This is a Scam Alert and we are posting it with the hope of protecting our guests.  We have seen some of our vacation homes listed fraudulently on Craigslist in past months, and according to the Hilton Head Island Chamber of Commerce, other local home and villa rental companies are also reporting that their properties have fraudulently appeared on Craigslist and sites such as VRBO.  In some cases, vacation home listings are copied and marketed on false websites. In other instances, fraud occurs when an unauthorized third party poses as a “broker” for the rental and takes a percentage of the fee.

According to the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office, one rental company found 15 of their properties fraudulently listed on Craigslist and VRBO. There have been a number of instances of vacationers attempting to check-in, only to find out they’ve been the victim of a scam, their promised home or villa is rented, and they’re left without accommodations.

Renting from a reputable Management Company ensures a safe transaction and happy vacation, which is why we only encourage booking directly with a local Management Company.  Please visit our official website ( for availability and pricing that you can trust.  For other reasons to book your vacation with a Management Company, please read our blog post, Why Rent from a Management Company?

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