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Vacation Rental Top 10 Lists

We are proud to share thoughts on some of our favorite topics related to vacation rentals and property management.  Enjoy the following Top 10 Lists for Vacation Rentals!

Comparing properties with different rental companies?  It’s important to ask the right questions because two homes with similar base rates may actually vary greatly in price when the grand total is calculated. 

We recommend the following questions to make sure you are as educated as...

Below are Destination Vacation's Top 10 Reasons Why a Vacation Home is Better than a Hotel:

  1. Family time.  From specialty-themed meals (“Dad’s steak night,” “Uncle Bob’s shrimp boil,” ”Grandma’s rockin’ fruitcake”) to movie nights, game nights and ongoing puzzles throughout the week.
  2. Personality.  Homes are
  3. ...

Below are Destination Vacation's Top 10 Reasons to Rent a Vacation Home from a Management Company:

  1. Find a rental with your specific criteria and budgetManagement companies aren’t limited to a single property, and thus, will be able to better match your needs and preferences
  2. ...

Below are Destination Vacation's Top 10 Characteristics of a Great Vacation Rental on Hilton Head Island:

  1. Condition – A vacation home hosts many guests over the course of a year, which is why regular improvements and updates are necessary to keep up with normal wear
  2. ...