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Why Rent from a Management Company?

16 Nov 2015
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Below are Destination Vacation's Top 10 Reasons to Rent a Vacation Home from a Management Company:

  1. Find a rental with your specific criteria and budgetManagement companies aren’t limited to a single property, and thus, will be able to better match your needs and preferences to the best possible vacation rental home. 
  2. Answers to specific questions about the home or its locationA management company will be able to answer any question you might have, such as:  Does the property allow pets or have pets ever been in the home?  Smoking or non-smoking policies in the home?  Which bathrooms have walk-in showers and which have tubs?  How close is the nearest grocery store?  How do you get to the beach?  Who to call if the gas grill runs out of gas?
  3. Avoid ScamsRenting from a trusted management company ensures a safe transaction and happy vacation.  More than anything, know who you are renting from to make sure they are legitimate.
  4. Peace of MindKnow that your payments are handled safely and you will be getting the home that you expect based on the property’s photographs and descriptions.
  5. StandardsManagement companies have standards, from the types of properties they represent to the housekeeping processes, property inspections, home improvement updates and regularly required maintenance items.  Guests receive the benefits of high standards when the management company instills them. 
  6. 24-hr Customer ServiceLet’s face it, things happen even on the smoothest vacations.  Guests get locked out of homes, appliances falter and the trash company might forget your home.  Having a management company with a dedicated 24-hour service line is crucial so you aren’t left out in the cold!
  7. Damage Protection PlansAccidents happen and guests should be able to focus on their vacation instead of being liable for the lamp that grandpa accidentally bumped over.  A reputable management company will have a program in place to cover accidents that are reported by the guest.
  8. Loaner ItemsForgot your hairdryer or need an extra pot or pan for the kitchen?  Ask if your management company has a spare that you can borrow, chances are it does!
  9. Check-In Packets in AdvanceA good management company will mail all necessary correspondence, keys, car passes, etc. in advance of your travels so you can focus on starting your vacation as soon as you arrive instead of dealing with any alternatives.
  10. Local RecommendationsWhether it’s a local hot spot or hole in the wall off the beaten path, a great management company offers insight and will be an invaluable resource for grocery stores, shopping, restaurants, festivals and events.