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Why is a Vacation Home Better than a Hotel?

16 Nov 2015
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Below are Destination Vacation's Top 10 Reasons Why a Vacation Home is Better than a Hotel:

  1. Family time.  From specialty-themed meals (“Dad’s steak night,” “Uncle Bob’s shrimp boil,” ”Grandma’s rockin’ fruitcake”) to movie nights, game nights and ongoing puzzles throughout the week.
  2. Personality.  Homes are private residences and take on the personality and décor of each individual owner.
  3. Lifelong memories.  Guests who return year after year to the same home develop emotional attachments to the home as if it was their second home, even for only a long weekend or single week of the year.
  4. Peace and Quiet.  You don’t hear loud strangers at all hours of the night in the hallways and neighboring rooms of a rental home.
  5. 5 Words…Private pools and lounge chairs
  6. Grills, patios and decks create private outdoor dining experiences not possible in hotels.
  7. Private Kitchen.  Eating out is nice but 3x per day, everyday?  Expensive! Groceries and well-stocked kitchens help defray restaurant costs and reduce stresses of getting everyone ready at same time for every meal, waiting in restaurant lines and dealing with potentially bad service or food.
  8. Space.  Multiple rooms within a home allow you to move around, relax, nap or simply get away.
  9. Parking and Storage.  Vehicles, bikes, golf clubs and beach gear not only have a place at a rental home, they are close and convenient to your front door.
  10. Cost.  When you factor in restaurant meals over groceries, paid Wifi vs free, rental fees for storing your gear, etc., the cost of a rental home is much less per person than a hotel, especially the longer your stay.