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The Story Behind 1894 Beachside Tennis in Sea Pines

19 Jan 2016
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The Story Behind the Home

"In 1991 we took our first family vacation to Hilton Head Island.  We fell in love with the area and came back every year until 1993 when we moved from Ohio to Southwest Michigan.  Once we moved to Michigan we thought we should check out Northern Michigan, which is absolutely beautiful.  However, our hearts kept us coming back to Hilton Head.

We have 3 daughters and coming to Hilton Head was always a highlight of our summer vacation.   We’ve stayed in so many different places on the island and have the absolute most wonderful memories of our time here.  We considered it our “home away from home” although we didn’t have a place of our own.  We stayed in Palmetto Dunes for many years.  We also stayed at the Monarch, a number of times and the Grand Ocean Resort, and then found South Beach.  We stayed at Beachside Tennis for the first time in 2006 and couldn’t believe how perfect the spot was.

In 2012, when our daughters were all in their 20’s, with 2 still in college, we asked them where they’d like to go on vacation.  We told them they could choose anywhere they liked.  We knew, as the girls grew older, that family vacations may not be the norm anymore so we wanted to make this one special.  It didn’t take them long to say “Hilton Head Island”. That’s when we knew that there was no place as special as Hilton Head.

Although we looked as tons of places, we never once found a place as amazing as Beachside Tennis in South Beach.  So, we held out until a property became available.  In early 2013, we got a call from our realtor, who was able to find us 1894 Beachside Tennis before it officially went on the market.  We flew down to see it and knew it was absolutely perfect.

Never once have we regretted buying our place.  All of our girls have now come down on their own with their friends and we traditionally spend Easter here.

Hilton Head Island was our magical place in 1991 and still is in 2016.  We love to call it our “home away from home” and now it truly is!  We hope others will enjoy our home as much as we do."

-The Leeuw Family, 1894 Beachside Tennis

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